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Chrome is working on an update to stop browser history and back button hijacking Google engineers have a new feature
We would like to wish you a very happy and productive 2019! We look forward to taking care of your
Microsoft’s emergency patch is causing problems for some Lenovo users Microsoft recently issued an emergency patch for Internet Explorer. The
Two-factor authentication doesn’t stop hackers from phishing Gmail and Yahoo info   A new Amnesty International report has been released
Up to 6.8 million users public and private photos on Facebook potentially exposed.   Facebook posted a blog on December
ESET has discovered 21 new malware families affecting Linux   Linux is a more secure operating system than Windows, but
Real-time captions are now an option on Skype   Microsoft has launched a fantastic new feature for Skype: real-time captions!
Several programs are once again being negatively affected by the Windows 10 Oct 2018 update   Once again, the Windows
Nearly half of all phishing sites now display the padlock   In the past, it was advised to check the
For the second week in a row, Microsoft’s MFA service suffered an outage   On November 19th, Microsoft experienced a
Standing desks prove not to have the benefits they’re touted to have   It’s common to hear that being physically
Google is finally adding scrollable tabs to Chrome   Tab lovers, rejoice! Google will be implementing scrollable tabs in Chrome.