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Most customizable email coming to Office 365 Support for subaddressing, also known as plus addressing, is coming to Office 365.
Six domains used in COVID-19 phishing attacks seized Through court order, Microsoft has obtained control of six domains that were
Two bugs in Windows cause emergency patch release Microsoft silently released a security fix to customers due to two vulnerabilities
Practically every small and medium-sized organization under bug threat Microsoft recently released a patch for a bug discovered by Israeli
Microsoft has announced a design change for Windows 10 An announcement was made on the Windows blog that let users
Apple will be forcing iPhone apps to ask before tracking users Apple will soon be forcing iPhone apps to get
Lenovo NAS devices face hacker ransom scheme A hacker group that goes by ‘Cl0ud SecuritY’ is targeting Lenovo network-attached storage
Printers exposing their IPP port online face risk Non-profit research company, Shadowserver Foundation, recently published a warning about companies leaving
In order ‘to prevent confusion,’ Microsoft removes control With the Windows 10 2004/May Update, Microsoft is removing the ability for
You can now sign up to be a Starlink beta tester SpaceX now has over 500 Starlink low-earth orbit (LEO)
End-to-end encryption will be available to everyone on Zoom Zoom stirred up additional trouble for themselves in late May when
New AMD processors bring 7nm improvements AMD has announced that three new additions to their desktop Ryzen CPU line will