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For the second week in a row, Microsoft’s MFA service suffered an outage   On November 19th, Microsoft experienced a
Standing desks prove not to have the benefits they’re touted to have   It’s common to hear that being physically
Google is finally adding scrollable tabs to Chrome   Tab lovers, rejoice! Google will be implementing scrollable tabs in Chrome.
Using a FIDO2 device now allows you to log into your Microsoft without a password   Microsoft is utilizing a
Windows 10 problematic update from October is repaired and the rollout is resuming   The Windows 10 October 2018 Update
Though the ransom itself is inactive, WannaCry Ransomware lives on   The most widespread ransomware virus, WannaCry, has negatively affected
T2 chip in newer Macs makes repairs impossible without a proprietary tool from Apple   Newer Macs, such as the
Researchers are using brainwaves to create hacker-resistant computer security   Passwords in and of themselves are generally insecure. Unfortunately, passwords,
Cell phone batteries can’t keep up with today’s tech   Geoffrey A. Fowler did a test for The Washington Post
[UPDATED] In multiple countries, users are seeing their Windows 10 Pro Licenses suddenly downgraded to Home   A fresh Microsoft
IBM’s upcoming acquisition of Red Hat will make them the #1 hybrid cloud provider   IBM has announced their upcoming
Researchers stole password data using sonar   Researchers at Lancaster University posted a paper that demonstrated how they were able