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Phone, live chat, and help desk all-in-one Connecting with customers is vital to the growth and prosperity of your business.
Update now! Emergency zero-day patch released There’s a new update out that addresses four previously unknown or ‘zero-day’ vulnerabilities in
New low power consumption hard drives introduced by Toshiba Toshiba has introduced an industry first hard drive that features flux-control
Switch to LTE suggested by Verizon for battery life savings Verizon Wireless Customer Service sent out a tweet on the
Lots of great improvements with V16 Update 8 for 3CX V16 Update 8 for 3CX is live! 3CX was already
Edge using adaptive notification request to filter based on others Microsoft is trying out a new solution for notification requests
Companies are frequently using tracking tech in emails The BBC commissioned the Hey email provider to analyze the use of
SolarWinds hack gives hackers access to thousands of companies Hackers were able to access emails and other secure information from
Apple update protects user IPs from Google Apple has an upcoming iOS release currently in beta that is expected to
Lax security measures allow for Florida water plant hack In yet another case of poor security practices allowing for potentially
41% of IT Leaders Believe AI Will Replace Their Job Cloud security firm Trend Micro released their predictions report for
Your 10-Step Guide to Preventing Ransomware Attacks Ransomware attacks can do a lot of damage to businesses. Once ransomware has