Robust Business Phone Systems for Redmond Businesses

Are you tethered to your desk when you’re waiting for a call? Do you need to gather everyone in the conference room to make sure you can conference call with a client? Are you spending a lot on money to support hard-to-use equipment with tons of wires? There’s a better way. A business phone system supported by voIP capabilities can help your Redmond, WA business:

  • Become mobile
  • Scale without added expense
  • Go wireless
  • Conference call seamlessly

VoIP, or voice over internet phone call, allows you to have an extension and phone for each person on your team, but you don’t need a phone line. Instead, your phone just needs a power source and an internet connection to work. Some voIP phones can even allow file sharing and apps! Are you ready to be done with traditional business phone systems and upgrade at affordable prices? Call Rhyno Networks.

The Benefits of a VoIP Phone System in Redmond

The voIP phone system we offer for Redmond businesses is an easy choice. Not only are calls clearer, but the support of our team makes it a stress-free experience. You can add as many voicemail boxes, extensions or call forwarding abilities as you need without worrying about upgrading hardware or services. A voIP phone system offers a ton of benefits to small businesses, the largest of which is the affordable price. As long as you have SIP-IP enabled phones and broadband internet, you can have more reliable calls. As part of our service, we also allow for redundancy support, so if one office goes down or someone can’t answer, calls will be forwarded. This helps:

  • Retain current customers
  • Support your Redmond employees
  • Decrease technical support needs
  • Improve sales and customer experience

How an IP Phone Can Grow Your Redmond Business

Think about the last time you used a desk phone. Could you figure out how to dial out, transfer a call or how to put a call on hold? Traditional desk phones are complicated and require training just to use, but smart phones are easy and intuitive to use — plus they’re mobile. Why would you want your Redmond employees to use complex systems that are outdated and require support? An IP phone is the best of all worlds. They are:

  • Affordable
  • Simple to use
  • Dedicated lines for each employee/extension

Instead of investing a ton of money on a complicated system, call us and we’ll set up an IP phone system that is quickly implemented and virtually maintenance-free. Redmond business owners are taking notice – voIP phone systems can help you grow your business while decreasing costs. Ready to make the change? Call Rhyno Networks at (855) 749 6648.