Managed IT Services for Your Business

There are many small and medium-sized businesses already using managed IT support services. Most of these businesses outsource specific services or their entire IT department to Managed Service Providers, or MSPs to improve performance and reduce operational costs.

There is increased usage of Managed Service Providers by small and medium-sized businesses. It is expected that by 2026, the market value of Managed Service Providers will have increased to over $274 billion. 

Small and medium-sized businesses make up a significant portion of businesses that promote the growth of the IT managed service industry. 

So, what exactly are managed IT services, and what are the benefits of small business IT support? 

What is a Managed IT Service Provider?

Every business owner and employee understands just how important the IT department is in the daily operations of a business or organization. 

Almost every aspect of a business is run by the IT components of the system, from troubleshooting errors and the installation of software or hardware. To the maintenance and administration of the entire network of your organization. 

However, most small businesses have a lower number of staff, a limited budget and less resources to manage a large internal IT team. The good news is that by having IT support on standby, you do not need to have a more expensive in-house IT department. This is one of the main benefits of having small business IT support for your organization.

Managed Service Providers take care of all the IT-related tasks for your business in a more cost-effective way. These are professionals capable of handling all the IT-related tasks for your business. 

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Benefits of Managed IT Services to Small and Medium Sized Businesses

Here are some of the many benefits of managed IT services for small and medium-sized businesses:

1. High-Security Data Management

Managed IT services provide the best data management solutions for small businesses at a fraction of the cost of maintaining an in-house IT team. 

They can securely manage important data such as financial details and customers’ personal information. The services also provide daily or monthly backups to ensure that you never lose important data. 

2. Better Network Security

A majority of small and medium-sized businesses often face the challenge of cybersecurity and data theft. According to reports by IBM, small businesses normally spend around $7.68 million to handle cybersecurity incidents. 

The best way to avoid cybersecurity expenses is by enlisting the help of managed IT service providers such as RHYNO Networks. They’ll monitor and detect potential threats and take preventative measures before the damage is done. 

3. Help Desk Support

Providing the absolute best customer care and service is an essential part of any business, whether small or large. However, small businesses are limited by budget and resources to employ a large customer care team. 

Managed IT services can provide you with a help desk support system to handle all your customers’ queries and concerns. 

RHYNO Networks Offers The Best In Small Businesses IT Support

With RHYNO Networks managed services and small business IT support in Seattle and surrounding areas, your organization will have access to a team of skilled IT professionals at your disposal. 

Our highly trained IT professionals will provide you with focused guidance to ensure that your business operations run optimally without downtime. We can quickly manage all IT issues, keep your data secure, and handle customer support desk issues promptly.

You can visit our website to learn more about our managed IT services and small business IT support services or call our friendly customer support team at (855) 793-1077 to request a quote. 

Feel free to contact us today with any questions you may have about our services!