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At no charge, our team will review your existing phone bills and recommend a business VoIP solution that will increase your functionality and save on your monthly bill.

VoIP Phone Systems

  • Unlimited Phone Extensions
  • Web Conferencing
  • Mobile Client Apps
  • Application Integration
  • Remote Maintenance
  • Automated Backups
  • Fully Redundant Hosted Solution
Federal Way

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IP PBX Federal Way


With an IP PBX, you can deliver better customer service and better productivity. When you receive a call from a customer you can automatically bring up the account records for that customer, dramatically improving customer service and cutting costs by reducing time spent with each caller.

Rhyno Networks is the area’s leading installer of IP PBX phone systems for Federal Way, WA businesses. As an established and experienced company, we offer our services for IP PBX systems using the following:

  • The most recent IP PBX server
  • Latest IP PBX software
  • Affordable IP PBX system price

Trust us our services to provide exactly what you need in an IP PBX system based on your Federal Way company’s size and budget. With the presence of the IP PBX system, your staff can connect with other employees and locations anywhere they may be.

Cloud PBX Federal Way


A PBX can now be operated automatically, but can still be expensive and complicated to install and maintain. And if a business needed to move to a new location, or add a phone line, the process can be costly and time-consuming. But not now.

Cloud PBX technology has allowed small businesses to have a sophisticated PBX system without investing a lot of money. As there is no need for additional resources so the costs remain manageable.

We are proud to be cloud PBX providers for Federal Way business owners. Choose the cloud PBX phone system for the following benefits:

  • Better communication
  • Easy accessibility
  • Low costs
  • No additional resources

Learn more about the cloud PBX phone system and the small business hosted VoIP from our consultants. They will help you select the exact system that fits your company’s needs.

Federal Way Small Business Hosted VoIP


Small business VoIP systems allow users to communicate even when outside the office. Users can enjoy calling features like advanced call forwarding to route calls to several numbers and take calls anywhere.

Video and audio conferencing are also available.You need the right company to handle your Federal Way small business hosted VoIP. When looking for that right company you need to consider:

  • Experience
  • Quality of equipment
  • Recommendations
  • Reputation

We are the company for your small business hosted VoIP phone systems in Federal Way as we offer you all these qualities and more.

When you are ready to install a cloud-based phone systems or IP PBX in Federal Way, call the proven providers in the Federal Way area, Rhyno Networks at (855) 749-6648.