Microsoft Defender for Office 365 is a cloud-based email service that helps to protect your organization against threats with emails and other collaboration tools such as phishing, compromised business emails, and malware attacks. The Defender application can also assist those with investigations, hunting, and the ability to remediate, in helping security teams to identify and resolve threats.

The following are ways that Defender for Office 365 can be utilized for protecting messages:

  • Provides cloud-based email protection for on-site exchange server environments or on other SMTP email solutions.
  • Can be utilized to protect Exchange Online cloud-hosted mailboxes.
  • In hybrid environments, Defender for Office 365 can be used to protect your messaging environment and oversee mail routing for when there is a mix of on-premises and cloud mailboxes with Exchange Online Protection that filters inbound emails.

How Defender’s Security Services Function

Every Office 365 subscription comes equipped with security features. The actions you take will depend on the focus of these subscriptions. There are 3 main security services that are associated with a subscription. These include: Exchange Online Protection (EOP), Microsoft Defender For Office 365 Plan 1 (Defender For Office P1), and Microsoft Defender For Office 365 Plan 2 (Defender for Office P2).

  • EOP: Will prevent broad and volume-based attacks.
  • Microsoft Defender For Office 365 P1: Protects emails and collaboration from malware, phishing, and compromised business emails.
  • Microsoft Defender For Office 365 P2: Will add post-breach investigation, hunting, automations, and responses.

Each piece represents a significant layer in terms of its architecture. All of these services can carry out the tasks of detecting, protecting, investigating, and responding. At its core, Office 365 was designed for EOP protection. When configuring these products, it’s recommended to start with EOPs and gradually work up to Defender For Office 365.

Microsoft Defender For Identity/Identity Plans

Microsoft Defender for identity protection is a cloud-based solution that relies on Active Directory signals to analyze and investigate advanced threats, such as compromised identities. Defender for Identity will enable SecOp analysts and security professionals that are struggling to identify advanced attacks in hybrid environments by:

  • Monitoring users and entity behavior, and activities that use learning-based analytics.
  • Protecting identities and other credentials that are embedded in Active Directory.
  • Investigating suspicious activity and advanced attacks in the kill chain.
  • Providing clear incident information on easy timelines

The Impact Of SentinelOne

Here at RHYNO Networks, we take great pride in utilizing the innovations of SentinelOne’s Singularity Platform. This software will effortlessly blend data, access, control, and integration resources of its endpoint protection, detection, response, IoT security, and cloud workload protection, all in a centralized platform. Singularity will give organizations access to back-end data through single solutions, which allows its users to have a clear view of their network and assets, across their whole enterprise.

What is Azure Sentinel?

Azure Sentinel is a cloud-native, security information event management (SIEM) and security orchestration automated response (SOAR) solution. With these solutions, you will get strong security analytics and threat intelligence on the enterprise, which provides a singular solution for alert detection, threat visibility, and response to threats. Azure Sentinel provides its users with a larger lense. This allows your enterprise to curb the stressful feelings that come when there is an increase in sophisticated attacks, a higher volume of alerts, and long resolution time frames.

In summary, Azure Sentinel is known for the following key features:

  • Collecting data on the cloud-scale for all users, devices, apps, etc, for onsite purposes and through cloud solutions as well.
  • Detecting threats that were previously unrecognized. Also cutting down on false positives by using Microsoft analytics and unmatched threat intelligence.
  • Investigates threats with the use of A.I. and will hunt for suspicious activities.
  • Respond to incidents quickly with built-in orchestration and automation of day-to-day tasks.

SentinelOne’s Certifications & Impact

SentinelOne is a publicly-traded company on the New York Stock Exchange. It was founded in 2013 and hasn’t yielded much competition with the exception of Crowdstrike. However, SentinelOne has outperformed Crowdstrike in recent evaluations. You can read more about this here: SentinelOne is a force multiplier for the many businesses and large-scale enterprises that depend on the services.

The following are examples of SentinelOne’s efficacy:

  • The first and only next-gen cybersecurity solution to receive VB100 certification from Virus Bulletin. This certification is a well-respected recognition in the antivirus and malware sectors. This is due largely in part to the stringent testing requirements.
  • Received Gartner Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) solutions, based on customer ratings.
  • Received Gartner Best Endpoint Detection Platform (EPP) which is based on the reviews from satisfied customers.
  • Passmark’s January 2019 performance test compared SentinelOne to many other legacy AV products. The testing revealed that SentinelOne performed better than the other vendors when agents are dealt a heavy workload. For normal user workload, consumers will see less than 5% CPU load.
  • SentinelOne has set the standard for modern security platforms. It gives users the freedom to view what’s on their network, with help from enterprise-grade controls and automations.
  • The industry recognition speaks for itself, the solution is single-handedly dominating the enterprise security market.
  • Its performance is easy to measure and its solutions are consumer-driven in every sense of the word.

Technical Specifications

SentinelOne can support web-based devices, iOS, Android, and Desktops. It serves small, medium, and large enterprises, and customer support is offered online and through the phone as well.

Current Integrations from SentinelOne

SentinelOne is proud to offer the following solutions:

  • BigFix
  • Okta
  • Splunk
  • Fortinet
  • Splunk

The RHYNO Experience

Our team at RHYNO Networks is partnered with the likes of Microsoft, HP Enterprise, Yealink, cP, VMWare, and 3CX. We are constantly overseeing the climate in the busy IT marketplace. In doing so, we will offer a skilled team that can utilize the latest and greatest in IT technology to leverage the state of your enterprise, allowing your organization to free up its time to focus on what really matters within the business. Time is of the essence and RHYNO Networks can take the guesswork out of IT hardships.