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IBM, in collaboration with Samsung and others has successfully cut the size of transistors in half. The most popular transistor in use today is about 14 nanometers (1 nanometer = 1 billionth of a meter), IBM’s chip contains transistors that are 7 nanometers across. These transistors are slightly larger than a strand of DNA! This equates […]

RHYNO Networks offers proven solutions to help build, support and monitor your network and IT infrastructure. In addition, we help you consolidate your software applications more efficiently onto fewer servers, reducing energy usage, hardware maintenance and IT costs. And we’ll more effectively allow employees to access applications and data remotely – and securely. Reduce IT […]

Windows 8 is a bold departure from previous Windows operating systems. It is clearly geared toward touch screens and notepads. The folks at Microsoft got rid of the Start menu and replaced it with what amounts to a smart phone home screen. So far its approval rating is lower than that of Windows 7. There […]