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Building a website that works well and looks sharp on numerous devices is critical. Your visitors aren’t chained to a desk, they will be accessing your website from desktops, phones, notepads and laptops. Each device has different screen shapes and different resolutions and they will be interacting with your site in many different ways. There are […]

Today your customers are freeing themselves from the desktop. More and more users are doing their business on tablets as well as mobile phones. Is your company’s website built to work smoothly on all of these devices? Now is the time to give your business’s website a modern look and modern functionality.     Let […]

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Great photos and imagery can really take your website to the next level. If you don’t have the budget for a photographer or a graphic designer you’ll need some stock images. ‘Where can I get affordable quality images?’ you ask. Try some of the sites and tools below:   This article is packed with links […]

If you browse through computer sections of today’s retailers, or poke around through online shops you will notice a growing number of desktops with touchscreens. Of course phones and notepads use touchscreens as their sole user interface. And the current crop of operating systems reflect this (e.g.: Windows 8). So it is a good idea […]

Websites don’t have to be all business. The beauty of web-based solutions is it’s a marriage of design and function. Below are some examples of outstanding use of design to create websites that are stimulating and use creative layout design as well as visual presentation to draw you in and make you want to explore! […]

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