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No one wants their company website to look dated. We want our sites to be cutting edge and fresh in appearance and usability. What is it about a website that makes it ‘fresh’ or ‘cutting edge’? Elegant Themes has assembled a list of some of the trends that are popular in today’s websites. Some of […]

TechCrunch has just reported that Yahoo has paid bug hunters $700,000 in rewards during the Bug Bounty Program’s first year. The program is a reaction to the security community’s complaints that the company was taking advantage of researchers by paying them a mere $12.50 in company vouchers for finding weaknesses in Yahoo’s products. In an attempt […]

Samsung Gear’s Live watch looks pretty cool! Engadget was just privileged enough to wear it and play around with the new device. Read the write up and watch the demo video here.

Google is launching the Android One with the goal of making it accessible to more people. Phones made by an India firm will sell for less than $100 as reported by ZDNet.

Using a tool called PlayDrone, researchers Jason Nieh and Nicholas Viennot out of Columbia University have uncovered thousands of keys being stored within the apps’ code. If these apps are decompiled, these keys could be used to potentially compromise user’s information. Google has stated that they are working on fixing this. Read Cnet’s write up on this here.

Google security engineer Tavis Ormandy has recently uncovered a vulnerability in Microsoft’s malware protection engine. This hole allows attackers to create a file that the products would scan and due to this scan, become disabled. Details on the contents of these malicious files hasn’t been disclosed but Ormandy hinted that the vulnerability involves the JavaScript Interpreter. An […]

Google is working on what is called end to end encryption. When it is available any web based email can be encrypted. On the heels of this other tech giants are following suit, notably Comcast which will be working toward encrypting the information it houses and passes along. To get an understanding of how end […]