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The theft of high profile celebrity selfies coupled with a feeling that Apple has become stagnant in the area of innovation has investers nervous just before the release of the iPhone 6. Apple has been taking steps to beef up the security of its iCloud service but confidence is still wobbly.   You can read […]

Via Weeder.org, Apple is looking into developing location-based security settings. If you are uing your iPhone at home, connected to your own WiFi network, there is no need for added security features. But out in public, connected to unknown hotspots, these protective measures would then kick in.

Publicly available WiFi hotspots are great. Your phone connects  and uses these hotspots to access apps and the internet without accruing data charges etc. What could go wrong? What if this WiFi hotspot is run by a hacker intent on gleaning personal and financial information from your phone? Everything transferred to and from your phone, […]

If you are in Australia (so far) and own an iPhone look out! Hackers are locking iPhone owners out of their phones then demanding ransom to get them unlocked. Hat tip CNN. Read the article here. #iphone #technology #security #it