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Building a website that works well and looks sharp on numerous devices is critical. Your visitors aren’t chained to a desk, they will be accessing your website from desktops, phones, notepads and laptops. Each device has different screen shapes and different resolutions and they will be interacting with your site in many different ways. There are […]

No one wants their company website to look dated. We want our sites to be cutting edge and fresh in appearance and usability. What is it about a website that makes it ‘fresh’ or ‘cutting edge’? Elegant Themes has assembled a list of some of the trends that are popular in today’s websites. Some of […]

The previously uncovered JavaScript vulnerability in Tweetdeck has not been resolved, so the web app has been locked down not allowing users to log in. The powerful Twitter application allows scripts within tweets. Just by reading a tweet you leave yourself vulnerable to malicious behavior including the hijacking of your Twitter account. Read the full story at […]