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Keeping Your Accounts Secure It seems that each new week brings another alert about hackers stealing account information and a warning to change your passwords. Having a strong password is not enough, criminals can get to your account through weaknesses that are outside of your control. Constantly changing passwords makes managing those passwords challenging. There […]

Information Systems and Supplies (ISS) POS systems have recently been compromised, using a remote access account. The companies affected are restaurants and bars in the Vancouver, WA region who utilize the ISS POS systems. This compromise is similar to the high profile hacking instances such as the Target breech, in that it began with hackers gaining […]

The Emotet malware can use the victim’s browser’s network APIs to sniff out financial information going out from the victim’s computer. It is spread through phony bank transfer notice emails or phony bank invoice emails. So far the malware has targeted mainly banks in Germany, but other countries have been hit so it isn’t restricted to any […]

Another in a string of high profile companies to be compromised by hackers is Dominoes. Over 600,000 of their customer’s accounts have been stolen in Belgium and France. This data, including names, addresses and passwords is being held for ransom. The hackers are demanding the sum of $40,800 be paid or this data will be published. Read […]

Soraya is a new strain of malware that attacks Point of Sale (PoS) terminals, and has compromised thousands of payment cards. Researchers have found that it works by taking some of the features of the Zeus and the Dexter Trojans. You can read about how Soraya uses memory scraping AND form grabbing to do its […]

The Telegraph reports that as televisions become ‘smarter’, many consumers are left vulnerable by the very features that these TVs are touting. Namely the ‘red button’. It allows the TVs users to, with the press of a button, access the internet tools in the TV, but it also allows hackers to access accounts and commit […]

As CBS News reports, a lone Russian hacker has recently been charged in leading a world wide group of hackers who infected hundreds of thousands of computers and were able to steal over $100 million. The hacker, Evgeniy Bogachev is currently not in custody. You can read the entire news story here.

If you are in Australia (so far) and own an iPhone look out! Hackers are locking iPhone owners out of their phones then demanding ransom to get them unlocked. Hat tip CNN. Read the article here. #iphone #technology #security #it