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  Cruft, in the development world is defined as: ‘badly designed, unnecessarily complicated, or unwanted code or software.’ In web design it can refer to all the junk – not to mention http posts – one has to wade through to get to an online article – as in the case explored in this Telerik article. […]

NBC News Tech Security has just posted a helpful article educating users about four dangerous types of cyberattacks that many are falling victim to currently. The article not only describes the cyberattacks but also educates users on how to protect themselves and what to do should they fall prey to such attacks. The article discusses: Ransomware […]

The previously uncovered JavaScript vulnerability in Tweetdeck has not been resolved, so the web app has been locked down not allowing users to log in. The powerful Twitter application allows scripts within tweets. Just by reading a tweet you leave yourself vulnerable to malicious behavior including the hijacking of your Twitter account. Read the full story at […]