As a result of the proliferation of data breaches, theft, and other forms of cybercrime, there is a significant demand for cybersecurity in Seattle. Cybersecurity techniques continue to develop alongside the ever-increasing number of significant risks. We put together a small list of cybersecurity audiobooks we recommend.

Knowing the best defensive methods isn’t enough when it comes to network and computer security; you also need to know how to bypass those defenses and why they fail.

Here are the top three cybersecurity audiobooks worth listening to in 2022:

Cybersecurity Audiobooks: Cybersecurity Insights from Harvard Business Review

This audiobook on cybersecurity in Seattle provides organizations with a better understanding of the actual danger posed by security issues in the cloud, as well as how top executives are to get ready for and mitigate future cyber catastrophes.

Not only the chief executive officer and the chief information officer but the entire company should be equipped with a strategic incident response plan in the event of a cyberattack.

The plan should include how an attack would affect each department, and how each member of the staff must respond.

For instance, chief financial officers should be ready to report on potential financial losses, and chief marketing officers should compose pre-approved news statements that can be modified quickly in the event that an attack takes place.

Cybersecurity Program Development for Business by Chris Moschovitis

Many business owners are aware of the fact that there is an issue with data security and a need to address it.

However, some do not have a fundamental understanding of the concepts that make up the language of information security in the digital world.

The audiobook by Chris Moschovitis is, in this regard, an effective introduction to cybersecurity for management personnel. He equips executives and business owners who lack specialized knowledge with the information they need to arrive at their own conclusions.

In particular, what constitutes acceptable risks and which assets are valuable to the company, as a result, require the highest level of watchful protection.

If It is Smart, It is Vulnerable by Mikko Hypponen

The use of ransomware is currently widespread. It is a pleasure to listen to Mikko Hypponen’s jargon-free introduction and thoughts on the history and evolution of cybersecurity. He takes us back to the ’80s and goes all the way up to the present day.

In addition, listeners can expect to hear insightful discussions on how law enforcement operates on the web, how exactly data is turned into money, as well as the impact of the widespread use of supercomputing technology.

The second half of this audiobook does a very outstanding job of exposing all of the things that you know you shouldn’t do but end up doing anyway for the sake of convenience. This includes passwords, which continue to be one of the most vexing issues!

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