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Intel is expecting a 2020 release of the discrete GPUs   During a recent analyst event, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich
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Changes are coming to the product support forum   Effective starting in July of 2018, Microsoft will no longer provide
Regular maintenance helps your computer perform at its best.   Just like a car, regular maintenance is necessary in order
Thousands of businesses have been negatively affected by Comcast’s outage   Thousands of businesses across the nation have had their
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Where to go to listen to and remove what Amazon’s Alexa has recorded in your home.   Amazon’s Alexa is
Amazon’s Alexa recorded this family’s conversation and sent it to a contact.   Using technology to handle the running of
The FBI has issued a recommendation for everyone to reboot due to malware   **Please be advised that if you’re
Basic wipes can’t guarantee a full removal of data – here’s what can.   With how quickly technology becomes obsolete,
Google and Microsoft joined forces to announce a newfound CPU security flaw   Microsoft and Google have disclosed a new
Thanks to Gmail’s Smart Compose feature, writing emails has never been easier.   Smart Compose is one of the great