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Earbuds and smartwatches could soon be charged wirelessly Thanks to the NFC (Near Field Communication) Forum, in the near future
The Microsoft Surface 3 is here Microsoft has unveiled their newest addition to the Microsoft Surface family with the upcoming
A tiny Facebook code change brought down several apps These days, most major apps include code that comes from Facebook.
Increasing security complaints to Zoom has prompted big changes With current events requiring many businesses to transition their employees to
Zoom has great features, but not so great security In recent times, video calls have become even more of a
Microsoft Teams has lots of hidden gems among its features Microsoft Teams is a great tool for staying connected. From
Some users of Windows 10 are noticing missing files thanks to update While it’s not too unusual for something to
It’s now possible to check your ISP’s use of security measures There is a new site that allows users to
Microsoft hasn’t yet announced the Surface Go 2, but details have been leaked Expected to be officially announced in May
Instagram has rolled out DM access on the internet In January, Instagram began testing the preferences of a small group
People are connecting over the phone more than ever With many states on lockdown or practicing social distancing due to
An unpatched Apple iOS bug could expose data There is a currently unpatched security vulnerability that is affecting iOS 13.3.1