Google is finally adding scrollable tabs to Chrome


Tab lovers, rejoice! Google will be implementing scrollable tabs in Chrome.

If you’re accustomed to opening multiple tabs in Chrome, you know how difficult it can be to remember which tab belongs to which page, as the tab icon for each page becomes smaller and smaller as each subsequent tab is opened.

This is not a problem with Firefox, as the Firefox browser maintains each tab at a width of 76 pixels and should the maximum screen width of tabs be opened, the browser automatically implements scroll arrows to the left and right of the tab bar to allow for the other tabs to be seen with just a quick scroll.

While something similar hasn’t been available on the Chrome browser, a developer who works on Chrome UI, Peter Casting, has confirmed that a scrollable tab strip is in the works.

For now, he suggests shift-clicking and ctrl-clicking to select multiple tabs at once, then dragging them out to separate group tabs by window.

Either way, hopefully this new feature will be implemented soon.

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