As far as running a business goes, most leaders within an organization will agree that network infrastructure is one of the most important aspects of keeping your business and its precious assets intact. For many staunch supporters of basic IT intervention, there may also be just as many naysayers who buy into the IT Support myths and its needs, and yes, this unfortunately includes some business owners who claim to be well-informed on the issues at hand. But what if we told you that buying into these myths and preconceived notions is hurting your understanding more than helping? 

At RHYNO Networks, our team of robust IT professionals Seattle WA not only seek to offer the utmost in network support, but we are also a big proponent of dispelling myths that could potentially cause more harm than good. Today, let’s debunk some of the common IT support myths that many believe are true.

Myth #1- There aren’t enough issues to justify continual IT support

Starting off, we’d like to address this widely-held misconception that IT support is only for when things take a turn for the worse. Contrary to popular belief, IT support is not just about resolving problems. While this is a big part of the job of an IT technician, they must also run checks on your systems, to ensure that everything is up and running properly. Naturally, you won’t have time to go through these tasks on your own, but this is where our IT professionals Seattle WA come into play. Good IT support elements always include proactive approaches. The idea is to deal with potential issues early on, so that you don’t run into any occurrences that could derail your daily business proceedings. 

Myth #2- My business is too small to outsource IT support

Another common conviction, especially amongst small-business owners, is the belief that they cannot support the bandwidth of outsourced IT support. What many don’t come to terms with is that they feel it’s not necessary to facilitate these relationships, even more so when there are so few computers and pieces of hardware in your office. Simply put, this is a poor excuse for not outsourcing help to viable professionals. Even if the case is that you have very few computers to work on, every unit is capable of dealing with issues that can affect your business. 

One could argue that the need for IT for small businesses, exceeds the necessities of larger enterprises. Why? Because, the drastic toll of said event could be far more intense, assuming that accessing backups is not easy. The long-term goal is to shift away from this pessimistic way of thinking. Just because you are more of a grassroots, evergreen business, does not mean you are exempt from dealing with IT issues. By owning up to shortcomings and weak points, it will save you much time and money in the long run.

Myth #3- In-house IT is more dependable than outsourced IT

As tempting as it is to delegate IT tasks to the young, unassuming apprentice, it does not mean that you will always have a quick remedy to all of your problems. By relying solely on one member of your IT team to manage and delegate issues, you are essentially digging a hole that can be hard to get back out of. Think about it–this person may not guarantee long-term employment to your organization and if they are loyal, incidents can occur when this person is on sick leave, vacation, or on a sabbatical. Regardless, the scope of tech coverage is not always clear, and one person can only handle so much. 

When you take into consideration the time that team member may spend on and off the clock, it could prove to be inconsistent, at best. Why not just delegate the responsibilities to IT professionals Seattle WA who know a thing or two about developing a workload plan for when the going gets tough? You can easily avoid an unnecessary headache, as outsourced IT teams often work remote and can involve the collaboration of many technicians to resolve singular or sets of tech issues, within your organization. 

Addressing IT Support Myths: IT Professionals Seattle WA

Computers and IT will always come with its own set of complexities and depth–meaning it’s easy to be misled. If you are a business owner, the last thing you want is to be unsure on the efficacy of outsourced IT services. That is why you should coordinate with our team of specialists with RHYNO Networks. There is no IT issue too complex for us to handle. With years of experience, we always deliver on services and insight that you can trust. To get started, contact us today to set up a plan.

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