Apple’s holding an event on March 25th; an Apple TV announcement is anticipated.


The date has been confirmed! On March 25th, 2019 Apple will be holding an event, and it’s expected that they’ll announce that their long-rumored TV streaming and Apple News subscription services are about to be up and running.

As per usual, the invitation doesn’t really have much to go on. Thankfully, the animated countdown GIF and the tagline “It’s show time” hint that the new TV service will likely play a big role.

Rumors that this event was coming began in February with whisperings that Apple will reportedly focus exclusively on services. Although, we could see the much anticipated announcements of revamped AirPods, iPads, and maybe even the delayed AirPower wireless charging pad during their event as well.

Apple also used this tagline for an event in September 2006, where they announced that they would start offering movies on iTunes. They also revealed iTV at that time, which later became Apple TV.

The streaming Apple TV service is rumored to launch this spring.

Apple is also expected to announce details of its Apple News subscription service. The Apple News service will reportedly be offering magazines and subscription newspapers in a Netflix-style subscription bundle.

Either way, the event should be interesting.

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