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Chrome Update Will Block Tab-nabbing Attacks

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Tab-nabbing attacks in Chrome to be stopped

Google will be adding a new security feature to their Chrome browser in January of 2021 with Chrome 88.

This new security feature will be added in an effort to prevent tab-nabbing.

This type of web attack allows for newly opened tabs to hijack the original tab from where they were opened.

While there are several tab-nabbing types of attacks, Google is aiming to prevent a specific scenario.

That scenario being when users click on a link and the link opens in a new tab by using the “target=_blank” attribute.

These new tabs still have access to the original page that the link to open the new page was listed on.

By using the JavaScript “window.opener” function, the newly opened tabs can be used to modify the original page and redirect users to malicious sites.

This is the same type of attack that has powered several large phishing campaigns in the past.

The code to stop this type of attack is already active in both Apple’s Safari browser and Mozilla’s Firefox browser.

Once Google releases Chrome 88, Chrome will be safe from this type of attack as well.

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