eyeFor those of you who spend a great deal of time on the computer, it is important to not only use proper posture, but to also to take steps in minimizing the strain computers may cause to your eyes. Most of the preventative actions you can take to avoid eye strain and the headaches that can result are easy and free.

Screen Positioning
You want your computer screen centered and directly in front of you. It should be about an arms length away.

Proper Lighting
Maintain adequate lighting so that the monitor is not in jarring contrast with the ambiance around it.

Proper Eye Wear
If you have glasses or contacts be sure to keep your prescription up to date.

Screen Brightness
Lower the brightness of your screen.  This will help to make it easier on your eyes.


There are other techniques that may help as well, from taking frequent breaks to blinking a lot (in the case of dry eyes). If you are suffering from eye strain, do a little internet research and give some of these simple remedies a try, see which one helps you. If that doesn’t help perhaps your doctor will have some good ideas for you!