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Why Your Business Needs a Disaster Recovery Plan

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A BDR (backup and data recovery) plan is essential for any business. If a business does not have one in place, there are risks the company will be taking. Knowing the benefits of such a plan is the only way an enterprise can see its importance.

Protects Against Natural Disaster Effects

Whether it is a blizzard, hurricane, earthquake, flood, or other extreme natural disaster, there are many uncontrollable situations that can result in a downtime in your business. According to NARA (Natural Archives ad Records Administration), more than 90% of companies that have more than a week of data center downtime will go out of business in 12 months. Even though a good BDR plan will not prevent a natural disaster, it protects your data. In turn, you are assured that downtime will not compromise your business.

Reduces Cyber Attack Impact

As more data is moved to the internet, cyber criminals are concentrating on businesses they know are unprotected. Usually, this means small businesses that will appear vulnerable. A data backup and disaster recovery plan can decrease the impact of an attack while preventing your company from losing precious data.

Keeps Data Safe

Does your company store a lot of confidential customer or client data? If this is the case, you cannot afford to let the data slip into the wrong hands, or lose it. A good BDR plan will make sure all the information is properly controlled and stored. The result will be the lack of worries associated with damaging your reputation in the event an unforeseeable incident arises.

People Make Errors

While cyber attacks and natural disasters are discussed more than anything else, the unfortunate news is that your employees will at times be responsible for the biggest loss of data. Mistakes happen although once in a long while. A single poor choice can end up compromising part or all of your data. Kind of like trying to plug a micro-USB charger into a new USB-C charger. This is why it is crucial for any company to train their employees properly. They also have to invest in reliable backup and data recovery solutions. Lack of such systems may lead to the loss of clients and ultimately the end of business for the affected company.

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