According to a survey taken by Kent University 1 in 30 individuals have had there computers infected by the ransomware known as CryptoLocker. And of those infected 40% paid the ransom.

What is CryptoLocker? What is ransomware?

Ransomware is a virus that locks users out of their own files and demands payment from them to gain access to those files again. CryptoLocker is a particularly successful piece of ransomware. No one who has been infected has been able to decrypt their files without paying the ransom. CryptoLocker is spread through email attachments and will hijack every file on your computer as well as other machines available in your network.

How is it spread?

CryptoLocker is spread through phishing – deceptive email attachments.


You can read ZDNet’s thorough write-up of CryptoLocker here.

CryptoLocker is so potent that the FTC and FBI are writing warnings about it.


Be very careful about the attachments you download, this is one piece of malware that you do not want to encounter.