Firefox users with saved logins that are found in data breaches will soon be warned

Last year, Mozilla partnered with Have I been Pwned (HIBP) to offer Firefox Monitor. The Firefox Monitor service works by imputing your email address into the search box and clicking the ‘check for breaches’ button, which prompts the service to query their known database of email addresses in order to show you which breaches your email was subject to. With that service, you can also sign up to be notified of any future data breaches involving one or more of your email addresses.

Well, Mozilla is taking it up a notch with their upcoming Firefox 70 update. With that update, Mozilla aims to have the browser report when any of your saved logins were found to be in data breaches. This will also be done through their partnership with the Have I Been Pwned data breach site.

Mozilla is also slowly integrating both Firefox Monitor and the new Firefox Lockwise password manager directly into Firefox. It’s also rumored that Mozilla is considering premium services based around these features in the future.

Once the integration has been completed, Firefox will begin to scan the saved login names and passwords to see if they were exposed in a data breach listed on Have I Ben Pwned. If a breach is found, Firefox will alert the users and prompt them to change their password.

Mozilla will add an alert icon (exclamation point in a triangle) next to the account profile in Firefox Lockwise. Clicking on the saved login will open its subpanel and display the alert that “Passwords were leaked or stolen.”

They are currently on Firefox 69 Beta, so hopefully Mozilla will be able to implement these features as quickly as they have planned.

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