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Google Chrome 69 Launch

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New Chrome 69 release includes a great new design



Google Chrome just released Chrome 69 for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS.

The release includes a new design, a more powerful omnibox, a more accurate autofill, and an updated password manager.

The update is available using Chrome’s built-in updater when you launch Chrome.

If you already have tabs open, you can go to Help – About Google Chrome and the browser will update automatically. Then, just click relaunch and the browser will update the tabs and then reopen them.

For new users, Google Chrome can be downloaded directly from

Google Chrome is available for Android from Google Play, and for iOS from Apple’s App Store.

Chrome’s new look includes more rounded shapes, updated icons, and new color palette. Prompts and menus have been simplified and tabs are now shaped to make website icons easier to see.

Google Chrome has even dropped the HTTP/HTTPS protocol designator from the address bar, so URLs no longer start with that prefix.

The omnibox, the name Chrome uses to refer to the address bar, will now show answers to queries without having to open a new tab. It will even show things such as instant answers about the local weather, or translate a foreign word.

If you search for a website in the omnibox, Chrome can tell you if it’s already open and let you “Switch to tab.”

Password manager has also been improved. Chrome for desktop can now generate a unique password when you need it. It will then save that password and make that login available on both your laptop and phone.

Personalizing Chrome is easier to do now as well. You can create and manage shortcuts to websites directly from the new tab page by hitting ‘add shortcut.’ You can even customize the background of a newly opened tab with your favorite image.

Of course, Chrome 69 also includes security fixes and improvements, so don’t forget to update if you haven’t done so already.

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