it consulting

In today’s data driven world, running a small business is no easy task. Technology is advancing at astonishing rates and it’s difficult for business owners to keep up. Working with an IT consulting company can be an extremely simple solution to tackling the ever changing landscape of digital security and risk management.

What Can IT Consulting Do for Your Business?

Network Security

Having excellent network security is not an option- you MUST protect the information that is vital to your business. Security breaches are always a hot topic in the news because they show how drastic the ramifications of a network breach can be. If your customers order a product from your site, store credit card information, contact information, bank account information- this data is always at risk of being hacked. Working with an IT consulting firm will give you the network security your business needs to stay ahead of the game. This includes anti-virus protection that will avoid harmful malware that could bring your business to a halt.  A data breach can be disastrous for your business- so take the proper precautions.

Planning Services

IT planning services are also a vital part of having a safe and complete digital environment for your business. An IT consultant can perform a technical audit and determine where your IT can be improved. This will save you costs in the long run- as their recommendations will result in consolidating hardware and perhaps adding new software that will increase your business’s efficiency and productivity. Your IT consultant will know the latest computer platforms and make recommendations based on your needs and future plans. It’s all about keeping what is essential and getting rid of what isn’t.

Business Continuity Services

To have a data backup and disaster recovery service when you need it is essential. It is critical that you have a plan in place if a natural disaster, power outage, or other unforeseen circumstance puts your business information at risk of being lost. Your IT consulting partner will help determine the best solutions for your particular business. They will set you up with an automated data backup plan which will reduce downtime and lost business. It’s also a good idea to go with an IT consulting company that provides 24X7 emergency response services- because sometimes you can’t afford to wait until the next day to get your problem solved.

Rhyno Networks provides all of the above services and more. Based in Seattle, we are your one stop shop for IT solutions. To learn more about our services and receive a free network assessment, give us a call at (855) 749-6648.