SIP beats out PRI in terms of reliability, cost-effectiveness and flexibility.

Primary Rate Interface (PRI) is the old go-to method for telephone service to big businesses that have a digital PBX system. PRI operates within the ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) system for the transmission of voice and data between your network and a user.

Similarly, Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) also provides voice and data between your network and a user, but it can also do so much more. SIP Trunking establishes virtual voice circuits that are configured and made available over an internet connection. When used in conjunction with an IP PBX or even traditional PBX that has an IP gateway, your business gains a much more robust replacement over your traditional PRI or analog circuits. Not only does SIP provide striking cost savings, but also enables your business to digitize your communications. This allows you to unlock additional features that are unobtainable on a PRI system.

In your consideration of switching from PRI to SIP, you need to keep three things in mind for your business: voice quality, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness.

Here at Rhyno Networks, we know that voice quality is one of the top concerns when considering the move from a PRI system to SIP. We are partnered with a provider that utilizes software to establish direct communication between endpoints. This reduces latency and jitter on calls. Also, should there happen to be degradation in a call, it’s possible to easily research and diagnose the problem from one end of the call path to the other, and if necessary, a new inbound route can be assigned.

In terms of flexibility, it’s important to realize that SIP is designed to be flexible. Your system should be configured to meet your specific business needs and be able to simplify the management of your telephony environment.

Of course, the vital question when it comes to business solutions is cost. SIP wins in this category, too. In a recent Eastern Management Group report, it was noted that SIP trunking costs 50% less than traditional networks.

So, SIP is the clear winner when it comes to flexibility, voice quality, and cost savings for business communications. If you’re not using SIP trunking for your business, now is the time to switch.

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