The latest and greatest in network security solutions is not just for show. Comprehensive solutions will protect your organization from dealing with data loss, malware, and other kinds of cyber security disruptions. In addition to this- you could be saving on reducing your overhead expenses and mitigating the possibility of financial losses. Network security consists of many components. From firewalls, VPNs, and everything else in between. Our IT team at RHYNO Networks can help you in the pursuit of having access to the most advanced and robust network security solutions. Let’s take a look at some of the most effective network solutions for 2022 and why they will serve your team as tangible assets.

Network Segmentation

Network segmentation refers to the boundaries between network segments where assets within groups have common risks, roles, and functions. IT teams understand that they can provide improved security and access control for businesses that need it.

Real-Time Intelligence

Real-time intelligence (RtInt) or real-time information (RTI) is the timely analysis and dissemination of information to facilitate decision-making. Generally, RtInt describes the activities associated with analyzing events as they occur, extracting data from disparate sources, analyzing the information for relevance, and disseminating it to those who need it. The practice is applied in several fields but is most prevalent in the field of homeland security because there are multiple agencies that have overlapping responsibilities for areas such as border security, terrorism, and natural disasters.


Cyber attacks are growing more and more sophisticated in their approach, every year. Since they are so advanced, it’s wise to opt for nex-gen firewalls that come equipped with new features.

Zero-Day Prevention

Selecting a security solution that offers zero-day protection, which can give your organization peace of mind when software challenges present themselves.

Remote Access VPN

Back in 2020, more than 65% of the workforce was operating from home. As a result, this guaranteed the privacy and integrity of valuable information that was transformed into an imperative. Now the remote workforce has become a part of the new normal. Remote access VPN will provide employees with secure access to company networks, regardless of where the employees are working from.

Email Security

Despite the fact that email service providers are building out security for their applications, these features may not provide enough protection when modern threats are involved. You can read more about this here.

Cloud Network Security

We don’t have to second guess here as a variety of organizations are in the cloud. The question is, how many cloud environments is your business a part of? In order to protect the modern data, you’ll need to be up to par with SD-WAN and SASE as well as the cloud-hosted Firewall-as-a-service option. Cloud network security involves using a virtualized data storage system like those used by big companies like Microsoft and Google to make your business secure and efficient. Cloud computing is capable of storing applications and their related data online rather than on physical devices. This allows businesses to save time and money because they do not have to purchase servers or maintain them as often as they would if everything was stored on-site. 

Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

The term ‘data loss prevention (DLP) is broadly used to reflect the technologies and processes that are designed to prevent data leakage, to external unapproved parties. If companies lose this data, this can result in a severe financial setback or competitive disadvantage.

Working Alongside A Professional IT Team

To learn more about what’s to come for network security in 2022, look no further than our team at RHYNO Networks. Contact us today to set up a time to speak! 

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