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Next-generation antivirus (NGAV) augments the bandwidth of threat detection by identifying all of the symptoms of erratic behavior, as opposed to just focusing on file attributes of malware. The problem with conventional antivirus software is that it doesn’t thoroughly inspect the virus when it appears. Traditional antivirus software will rely on signature-based modes of detection which many who have imposed threats have learned to evade. In order to mitigate the spread of newer, more powerful cyber attacks NexGen AV will rely on machine learning and predictive techniques to establish a set of analytics that is capable of detecting malware. When it’s all said and done, your security protocols won’t shift and the concern of vulnerability will dissipate.

How Nex-Gen AV Works

Next-generation antivirus targets malicious activity by using a system-centered approach that looks at the entire process on an endpoint. This technology will monitor and block the tools that hackers are using to gain entry into these systems. Conventional AV software will look at malware from the perspective of the endpoint, NGAV takes this a step further by looking at issues like ransomware and fileless attacks. By looking at the bigger picture, NGAV offers more viable, long-term solutions that are geared for handling these sophisticated forms of attacks.

The presence of this information allows NGAV software to prevent these attacks from reoccurring. In summary, Nex-Gen AV offers comprehensive endpoint detection, premiere response capabilities, and a larger arsenal of preventative methods in place. In certain cases, it can replace traditional endpoint protection products. The ultimate goal with these innovative solutions is to prevent something that is preventable. Even though the number of malware variants is on the rise, the malware behavior is much smaller, compared to the ways that a malicious file can appear, further solidifying the reasons for using this method.

There are 3 redeeming qualities to keep in mind when shopping around for Next-generation antivirus solutions. If they possess these characteristics, then expect it to serve to protect your organization’s assets as well as your own.

Nex-Gen AV vs. Legacy AV

Next-generation antivirus has soared ahead of Legacy AV because of its innovative capabilities. Nex-Gen Av is able to detect unknown threats through the use of A.I. technology, behavioral detection, machine learning algorithms, and much more. Legacy AV is dependent on signatures, which aren’t easy to update and aren’t effective against fileless attacks. NGAV solutions will also not hinder endpoint performance or require additional hardware/software, whereas with Legacy AV, the constant scanning and updates rely on a high amount of resources which slows down endpoints. Lastly, implementation for NGAV can be resolved in a matter of hours as opposed to Legacy which can take months to complete.

Nex-Gen AV vs. Legacy AV

  • Threat Intelligence Integration: NGAV solutions should have threat intelligence integration equipped. This allows security teams to analyze the impact and origin of threats, additionally, it gives these teams insight into responding and fixing the situations.
  • Local and Autonomous: Next-generation antivirus should be autonomous and local. All this means is that it will work well with or without a stable network connection. The agent won’t have to rely on cloud connection for EPP/EDR management consoles for being shielded from malware, ransomware, or zero-day attacks.
  • EDR Capabilities: Endpoint detection and EDR capabilities are a must. More specifically, they should use AI and machine learning to provide detection in real time to curb the spread of threats.

The Benefits Of Using NGAV

Now that more efficient technologies are being introduced, enterprise customers should consider the following when making the transition to NGAV:

  • Cutting Down On Operation Costs: It’s no easy feat when it comes to measuring the outdated software that makes you susceptible to cyber attacks. Do your due diligence for seeking guidance on your cybersecurity initiatives.
  • Enhancing Your Protection: As early as 2014, leaders within Legacy AV admitted to being limited in their ability to devise solutions. The aftermath of this has prompted attackers to enhance their malicious tactics by bypassing security with methods that include powershell and fileless malware. You can certainly get ahead of your attackers by implementing next generation technology.
  • Saving Time: Time is pivotal when it comes to your security. The average time for adversary penetration to detection to occur is 90 days. When this is happening, your security team is wasting time in compiling the evidence to determine a breach. Focus on what matters and try to avoid overreaching.
  • Augmenting Your ROI: NGAV solutions like SentinelOne allow users to block malware and respond to threats, and they can streamline the process of compliance with just one solution in place.
  • Making The Software Work In Your Favor: Legacy AV required a team of highly-trained individuals to operate and interpret the systems. Sentinel One NGAV solutions take the guesswork out of incident management. Attacks are grouped together and one alert can assess the threat, revealing the storyline of the threat from the original source.
  • Implementing Security Solutions: The security industry across the board has been dealing with a cybersecurity shortage. With endpoint security solutions, they should be able to seamlessly weave into your existing software stockpile, reducing the workload for your team of IT administrators. Simply put, an automated system that is enriched with native APIs. SentinelOne offers a full Rest API that can support integrations with the solutions you have in place.
  • Reducing Post-Breach Costs: The perfect security solution is nonexistent. However, post-breach allows you to make sense of the attacks as they happen. A management console that showcases the entire attack storyline. This allows users to remove the weak points, even allowing those to locate the ones responsible for the attack. The faster things can be remedied, the less likely you are to suffer from financial burdens.

How Does SentinelOne Make A Difference?

With SentinelOne, you can expect autonomous endpoint protection from a single agent that is capable of responding to attacks across many platforms. The platform promotes simplicity and cuts down on time as AI is enabled to automatically eliminate threats. It’s the only solution that provides full visibility across networks through the endpoint. SentinelOne grants admins access to a single product with much expertise in a variety of fields. The software protects Windows, macOS, and Linux users, and the protection can be enforced through an autonomous agent which is independent of internet connectivity.

Here at RHYNO Networks, our team is committed to aligning your organization with comprehensive solutions that mitigate the growth of potential threats. It’s important to have a game plan in place so that when these incidents do occur, they can be resolved pretty quickly and with ease.