Thanks to a surprising competitor, PC gamers are facing graphics card shortages


Graphics card manufacturer giant Nvidia had a banner year last year, with a fiscal year total of almost $10 billion dollars. That number is up 41% from the previous period.

While that is wonderful news for Nvidia and hopefully brings about more research and even more advanced video cards, it’s what caused their sales to spike that causes concern for gamers.

It’s all about cryptocurrency. As the preferred engine of cryptocurrency miners, graphics cards are in high demand. That has led to a shortage of Nvidia GPUs, and a price spike due to their limited availability and high popularity.

While Nvidia has been having difficulty keeping up with the shortage, they thankfully reaffirmed their commitment to gamers, recently stated that their main focus remains on their core gaming market.

Nvidia also stated that they’re working to increase supply and that they are committed to making sure that the gamers will receive the GPUs they’re trying to acquire.

All good news for gamers and makers or gaming PCs, just don’t expect prices to come back down anytime soon.