Cell phone batteries can’t keep up with today’s tech


Geoffrey A. Fowler did a test for The Washington Post testing cell phone battery life and you’re right…cell phone battery life is getting worse.

Fowler performed the same battery test over and over on 13 phones and in most cases the battery life of the newer phones performed worse than older models.

For instance, the new iPhone XS died 21 minutes earlier than the iPhone X from last year. Google’s Pixel 3 performed even worse, as it lasted nearly an hour and a half less than Google’s Pixel 2.

The test results really speak volumes about how the lithium-ion batteries in smartphones are nearing the point where they simply can’t keep up.

Nadim Maluf, the CEO of Qnovo, that helps optimize batteries stated, “Batteries improve at a very slow pace, about 5 percent per year, but phone power consumption is growing up faster than 5 percent.”

There are plenty of reasons that battery life can’t keep up; whether it’s the demand of high-resolution screens, more complicated apps, or our increased use of our phones.

The lithium-ion batteries themselves also have physical limitation, including battery capacity that declines over time.

It’s likely that the phone power situation is about to get worse. With 5G just around the corner, that will be making even greater demands on our already struggling batteries.

Phones with high-resolution or with tech such as OLED performed worse. Not surprising, as that tech can require more power to push out light. So, if you want your phone to last longer, try turning down the screen’s brightness or resist using your phone as often.

Another way to make your battery last longer is to use WiFi whenever possible. Also, both Apple and Android phones offer low-power modes that can help preserve your battery life.

Hopefully, as our technology continues to move forward by leaps and bounds, batteries will start to rapidly improve too.

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