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Ransomware Hackers Deploy New Tactics

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Victims Receiving Cold-calls from Ransomware Hackers

Recently, ransomware gangs have deployed another technique for harassing and adding additional pressure to get their victims to pay – by calling them on the phone.

Once the hackers notice that the victim is trying to restore their system from backups, or add an antivirus software to their network, the victim receives a call.

ZDNet posted a transcript of the typical call:

“We are aware of a 3rd party IT company working on your network. We continue to monitor and know that you are installing SentinelOne antivirus on all your computers. But you should know that it will not help. If you want to stop wasting your time and recover your data this week, we recommend that you discuss this situation with us in the chat or the problems with your network will never end.”

Ransomware gangs in the past have directly called schools and universities and pretended to be government workers in order to trick unaware employees into opening files that contained ransomware infections, but they’ve previously not called to threaten their victims directly.

Other previous tactics by these types of hackers have included threats to double the ransom fee if their victims don’t pay within a certain time frame, threats to leak sensitive documents, and threats to make the company’s network breach public knowledge.

With ransomware gangs continuing to deploy additional ways to pressure their victims into paying ransoms, it’s especially important for businesses to not let down their guards in their data protection efforts.

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