Malware known as ransomware infects computers, encrypts every file on them (and any networked computers), effectively holding them ransom then demanding that users pay money to get the encrypted files back. CryptoLocker is the most sophisticated and effective ransomware out today and it is a business’s worst nightmare. Companies that rely on electronic documents and software to do business can become effectively dead in the water. 

It gets worse! The FBI is now warning Windows users to take steps immediately to protect themselves from a trojan known as Gameover Zeus. It is distributed by a multitude of computers (many unwittingly spreading it) called a botnet. This trojan is designed to sniff out financial information and if it is unable to find any, infects its host machine with CryptoLocker. 

Not even Android phones are safe. Ransomware can now infect your smartphone and encrypt all the files on its SD card, and demand money to get them back. 

There is no time to delay. You need to change your passwords, run malware / virus scans on your computers and implement a file backup plan. 

Off-Site Backup

RHYNO Networks offers secure, powerful, and efficient off-site backups. Files are incrementally backed up tailored to your organization, and they are versioned so if infected or encrypted files are backed up the original files can still be restored. Implementing off-site backups before an infection can save hours of time restoring the ransomed files, getting your company back up and running in a timely manner. 

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