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We may not be inhabiting another planet or traveling to work with some crazy space-age technology trends, but there is no doubt that the next decade will see the utilization of some pretty impressive technology. We believe that many of these trends will continue to restructure the IT landscape as well. As purveyors of all things IT, RHYNO Networks’ team of IT consultants in Seattle believes that many of the trends we are about to cover will shape the 2020s and beyond. Here are the IT trends that are bound to take your business to the next level. 

The Advent Of AI And Machine Learning and Technology Trends

The increasing ability of machines to learn and act intelligently and independently will without a doubt, shape the future of our world. AI is the driving force behind many discoveries and advancements. Even though we have not even tapped into its fullest potential, its early effects have shown in how systems operate from Google, our smartphones, robotics, and much more. The future looks bright.

The Internet of Things (IoT) Technology Trends

You have definitely heard of this term before. The Internet of Things (IoT) denotes the number of ever-growing devices and objects that are connected to the internet. Many of these devices are continually gathering and transmitting data, further amplifying the growth in both Big Data and AI.

Wearables And Augmented Humans

What started with fitness trackers has now taken off into a whole industry of wearable technology trends, designed to improve human performance and help us live healthier, safer, and more efficient lives. In the future, we may even see humans merge with technology trends to create “augmented humans”.

Big Data And Augmented Analytics

Big Data refers to the exponential growth in the amount of data that is being created in our world. Thanks to the development of augmented analytics (which are often fueled by AI techniques), it will become more feasible to make sense of and work with vastly complex and varied streams of data. It’s safe to say, our IT consultants in Seattle have their work cut out for them in the not so distant horizon.

Intelligent Spaces And Smart Places

Closely linked to the IoT, this trend is seeing physical spaces like homes, offices, and whole cities becoming more connected and smarter than ever before. 

Blockchains And Distributed Ledgers

With this super-secure method of storing, authenticating, and protecting data, could come a time when many aspects of business are re-envisioned, especially for facilitating trusted transactions.

Cloud And Edge Computing

Cloud computing is where data is stored on other computers and accessed through the internet. These advancements have helped to open up data and analytics to the masses. Edge computing, where data is processed on smart devices, will certainly take this to the next level. 

Technology Trends with Computer Vision And Facial Recognition

Machines can talk, so why shouldn’t they be able to see? This technology allows machines to visually interpret the world around them, with facial recognition being a prime example of this. There will no doubt be extreme regulatory control for monitoring facial recognition, but the technology as a whole is not going anywhere, anytime soon.

IT Consultants In Seattle: Countless IT Trends That Can Augment Your Business In The Foreseeable Future

We can go on and on about the IT trends that are set to take the IT and business world by storm. RHYNO Networks sees the vast potential of what lies ahead for businesses that choose to employ these technologies and solutions. To see what our team of professionals can do for your company, contact us today!