Though the ransom itself is inactive, WannaCry Ransomware lives on


The most widespread ransomware virus, WannaCry, has negatively affected nearly 75,000 users as of the third quarter of 2018.

Kaspersky Lab recently released a report detailing the damage that WannaCry has caused and alerted that the ransomware is still active one and a half years on. The attacks accounted for 28% of all crypto attacks in Q3 2018, which means the number of attacks has grown more than two-thirds compared to Q3 2017.

While the fixed deadline to pay the ransom has long passed and a website critical to WannaCry’s function is now controlled by security researchers, the potential threat to a device’s security and difficulty of effectively cleaning the ransomware still remains.

The best ways to protect your computer from a ransomware attacks is to:

Update your operating system. It’s important to update in order to eliminate recent vulnerabilities. Also, use a robust security solution with updated databases. It’s also important that the security solution you use has specialized technologies to protect your data from ransomware. We recommend ESET. Please read our blog about why here:

Have backup copies of your files. It’s important to always have fresh backup copies of your files so that you’ll be able to replace them in case they are lost. Store them not only on the physical computer or server but also in cloud storage for greater reliability. If you have that service through RHYNO Networks, then you are already protected.

Educate your employees. To protect your business, make sure to educate your employees and IT teams on proper security measures to take, such as keeping sensitive data separate and always backing up everything you do.

Seek help. If your files are encrypted with cryptomalware, seek assistance from a qualified professional. Never pay cyber-criminals. Paying them only encourages them to continue their dirty business and the encryption key they send you may not work, as their only goal is to make money from your distress, not to help you regain access to your files.

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