Although SIP trunking has long been the phone network system of choice for years, there are still a lot of stubborn myths about SIP trunk technology and providers out there. This article will help you separate the wheat from the chaff and get to the truth about SIP trunk providers and services so you can make an informed decision for your business. 

Myth 1: SIP Trunk Providers Offer Lower Call Quality

Some people imagine that SIP trunk phone systems offer lower call quality because they are Internet-based. Nothing could be further from the truth. When your calls are handled as data, you actually get superior call quality. SIP trunking also prioritizes audio data over other network traffic. 

Myth 2: Deploying SIP Trunking is Complicated and Costly

Most of our clients are surprised when they find out how cost-effective using a Seattle SIP trunk provider like RHYNO Networks is compared to their current, outdated phone network arrangement. The only thing that surprises them more than the price is how easy it is to transition to SIP trunking. 

Myth 3: SIP Trunking is New and Unproven Technology.

Some people think SIP trunk providers are using new technology that’s still being worked out simply because they aren’t familiar with it. The truth is that Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone systems have been around since the late 80s. The technology is mature and well-supported. 

Myth 4: SIP Trunking is Susceptible to Downtime.

This is yet another myth that SIP trunking providers in Seattle and the rest of the country are helping to smash. The truth is that SIP trunking has multiple redundancy and failover measures that give it superior uptime compared to many other phone systems. 

Myth 5: SIP Trunking Isn’t Scalable Or Appropriate For Large Businesses

One of the most vexing myths Seattle SIP trunk providers run into is the idea that SIP trunking is only for smaller businesses and cannot be scaled. The reality is the exact opposite. Many Fortune 500 companies use SIP trunking and it is virtually infinitely scalable. Not only that, it’s also easier to scale up as your business grows than many other systems. 

The Best SIP Trunk Provider in Seattle is At Your Service

RHYNO Networks has become the most trusted SIP trunk provider in Seattle by exceeding our client’s expectations time and time again. When RHYNO Networks handles your SIP trunking or any other IT service, you have a technology partner who is sure to deliver value. Our mission is to keep your business connected and firing on all cylinders, all the time. 

RHYNO Networks always rises to the challenge from managed IT services to communications and networks. Your business deserves the very best technology support Seattle has available. Why would you settle for anything less?

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