We live in a digital age that offers many possibilities and connections throughout the web. However, not all of these connections are good ones. Unfortunately, cyber criminals plot to break into your accounts and information by means of hacking. They use many tricks and devices in order to get you to open your door to them. However, with RHYNO Networks’ Email and Security IT solutions offer a number of defenses against hackers. In order to handle the situation sooner than later, here are 5 red flags that indicate to you if you have been hacked.

Password failure

This one might be the most noticeable. You may not be able to log into your homepage, applications, or other web pages.

Software installs you were not aware of

Although one software install might have been the source of the hack, if you start seeing others that you never intended, then that is a likely sign that you have been hacked through.

Fake anti-virus messages

Pop-ups are a common sign that your computer has a virus. However, hackers have gotten cleverer with the rise of IT solutions. Now they try to act as wolves in sheep’s clothing. Often coming in the form of pop-ups while you are on the web, the fake anti-virus messages might alert the person by saying that their computer may be at risk for a virus. It might also invite them to click on the link or the pop-up message in order to download an anti-virus program or update of some kind. However, this is merely a trick in order to let them hack your system.

Friends receiving messages that you did not send

This is a really troublesome one. This is a means by which the hacker can spread their trouble to more than just your hardware. Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, or any kind of social network or email are subject to this kind of situation.

Unwanted changes to your homepage

If you log onto your homepage and begin to notice things that don’t look right, it might seem like nothing. But be weary if these changes keep popping up. One sign is that your computer is connecting to the internet and certain websites, even when you are not on it. Be weary of file contents or financial accounts being manipulated.


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