These days, the face of a company is its website. It’s becoming more important every day to have a quality website that is functional, easy to use, and that also looks good. The network solution specialists at IT companies are experts in taking what a business is currently doing with their website, hardware, and network and optimizing it to make the entire business more efficient.

Some larger businesses may have an in-house IT department. Smaller businesses may outsource all of their IT needs. The question is, why are they going to look to someone else to help them with their IT solutions? Well, anyone who has ever worked in a restaurant with a poor POS system knows the frustrations that come along with a poor network. Many businesses are not even aware that they are operating at a less efficient level than what could be possible if they turned to a network solutions expert that could optimize the way their business is run.

A Free Network Assessment

RHYNO Network offers a free network assessment and gives a company access to a diagnostic of what is going on with their network, including things that could run better and recommendations for reducing costs and utilizing hardware that is available. Many businesses are unaware that their networks are not running at an optimum level, and that their business is missing out on being efficient because of that.

Hardware Technology Planning

The next big thing is hardware. The hardware a business is using has an enormous impact on the efficiency of a business. Technology companies are constantly coming out with newer and faster hardware, and a good network solutions firm will be able to help a business decide what the most cost-effective solution is for them when

Website Design

While a network may support a business and is the backbone of what makes it run, the website is the face of a business. Presenting a good face is essential when trying to draw more traffic and attention to a website. Improving your company’s website may be one of the necessary first steps in revamping the IT of the business.

Network Security

Providing network security for a business is the internet’s way of saying they have a bouncer at the door that isn’t letting anyone in that isn’t supposed to be there. A quality network solutions company understands how to protect a business from external threats that seek to steal information or plant viruses to disrupt the flow of a business. Unfortunately, there are even internal threats that come from within a company that must be dealt with as well. A proficient network defense is going to be defend against all threats, foreign and domestic.

RHYNO Networks was started in 2009 and specializes in servicing the needs of small and medium sized businesses. We’re very proud of the services we provide for our customers, and see the relationship we form with our customers as the most important thing. We are based in Seattle, Washington, but are able to provide remote access to a home or office in other locations! To get in touch with us today and start improving the website and IT of your company, call RHYNO Networks at 855-749-6648!

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