windows defender threat

This Windows Threat is causing unnecessary anxieties

Windows Defender caused a worldwide disturbance recently when it began warning users of a recurring virus threat.

The threat that Windows Defender detected, ‘Behavior:Win32/Hive.ZY’, is a false-positive and is not a virus infection.

Windows Defender Vulnerability Issues

This issue arose due to a recent listing in Windows Defender’s update file which causes it to detect and classify Electron-based or Chromium-based software applications as malware.

How to fix the issue as a RHYNO client:

As a RHYNO Networks client, with the RHYNO Client installed, your systems were patched as soon as the Microsoft patch became available, and your systems are updated with the issue fix.

How to fix the issue if you’re not a client:

On any personal computers that you may use, or systems that are not on your company network and protected by the RHYNO Client, you should immediately run the latest Windows Update patch.  

To check for Windows Defender updates, if you are running Windows 10 or 11, go into the Windows Security app on your computer, and then click into ‘Virus & threat protection’ and select ‘Check for updates’ to check for the latest updates.

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