Increasing security complaints to Zoom has prompted big changes

With current events requiring many businesses to transition their employees to telecommuting, the amount of Zoom daily users has jumped from 10 million to a staggering 200 million.

While this has been fantastic news for Zoom, it may not be great for the users of Zoom. That’s because one of the main issues Zoom is struggling with is security.

Weak encryptions, shady data protections, and sharing of information with companies such as Facebook, have prompted several large companies, as well as the military, to declare the use of Zoom to be off-limits.

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Zoom has heard the outcry of concern and acquired a startup with encryption expertise named Keybase.

Keybase has been building encryption products for several years that include secure file sharing as well as collaboration tools.

CEO of Zoom, Eric Yuan, states that “This acquisition marks a key step for Zoom as we attempt to accomplish the creation of a truly private video communications platform that can scale to hundreds of millions of participants, while also having the flexibility to support Zoom’s wide variety of uses.”

Yuan went on to say that “Zoom will offer an end-to-end encrypted meeting mode to all paid accounts. Logged-in users will generate public cryptographic identities that are stored in a repository on Zoom’s network and can be used to establish trust relationships between meeting attendees.”

It’s unclear at this time when the Keybase encryption products would be incorporated into the Zoom platform.

Keybase will become a subsidiary of Zoom. Keybase co-founder Max Krohn will lead the Zoom security engineering team tasked with building the security product.

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