Poll finds that security concerns go out the window around free WiFi

A survey of 1,195 internet users found that 82% of people state that they will connect to any available free WiFi that’s available in a public place.

When they were asked about the security implications of such a decision, a shocking 71% of respondents were not concerned at all.

While most public WiFi isn’t inherently dangerous, there are certainly loads of opportunities for security breaches.

Malware, man-in-the-middle attacks, snooping, and potentially unencrypted networks are just a handful of security threats that could cause problems.

It is fairly easy for someone with ill intentions to set up access to a WiFi network and then use it to access private information on your computer. As WiFi network names are customizable, they could simply name their free WiFi network the name of the coffee shop you frequent.

Even with the potential dangers of connecting to WiFi while out and about, there are some ways you can protect yourself.

Make sure to be extra cautious if the WiFi network that you’re trying to connect to starts to ask for personal information in order for it to be accessed. Networks asking for things such as email addresses or phone numbers are pretty standard, but make sure you can trust the network before giving away this kind of data. Especially since that info is typically used for marketing data and sold.

While connected to public WiFi, make sure you’re accessing websites that use HTTPS. That will help to make sure any personal information you enter stays between your browser and the website servers you’re accessing.

It’s also recommended that you utilize a virtual private network client while accessing public WiFi as an extra precaution to make sure your data stays safe.

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