A CPU Memory concept has been published in an effort to fight security attacks

The Intel STORM (STrategic Offensive Research & Mitigations) team published a white paper that suggests the development and implementation of a new kind of CPU memory. This new CPU memory would be able to block side-channel attacks like Spectre and Meltdown.

STORM, an elite team of security researchers, was assembled in 2017 to work on creating mitigations for all of the speculative-execution attacks that have impacted Intel’s products.

The new CPU memory, referred to as speculative-access protected memory (SAPM), is just an idea at the moment and there have been no prototypes created.

Intel STORM’s intention with their white paper was to provide the theory and possible implementation options. They also hoped to provide a ground base for other researchers to improve upon and also for the industry to consider.

The researchers say SAPM will implement protections at the hardware level and will work with both physical and virtual memory addresses.

SAPM will also provide protection against the second part (backend) of most speculative execution attacks.

Intel’s research team believes that SAPM will also future-proof the next generations of Intel CPUs against other – currently undiscovered – speculative execution attacks.

The STORM team’s published white paper can be found here: https://www.scribd.com/document/428333001/2019-A-New-Memory-Type-Against-Speculative-Side-Channel-Attacks-v1-42

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