Android users received a great Google Authenticator update

While Google Authenticator for iOS was updated last year for adjustment to iPhone X screens, Android users have been waiting for more than three years for improvements. Well, after three years, the Google Authenticator app received a much needed update for Android.

Thanks to the new update, Android users of Google Authenticator will now be able to easily transfer their account from one device to another without needing to manually transfer each code or disable and re-enable two-factor authentication on each account.

This update saves so much time and hassle, it’s a wonder they didn’t implement this previously.

The update allows you to use an import/export tool that lets you choose which accounts to include and transfer using a simple single QR code scan.

Also, the update adjusts the layout of the app to work better with phones that have 16:9 aspect rations. There’s also an adjustable dark mode setting, and a nice revamp of the user interface.

All in all, a great and much needed update to the Google Authenticator app.

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