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Two factor authentication is supposed to enhance your safety by validating your user credentials for online accounts. But in this digital age where hackers are becoming more and more imperceptible, are the efforts of 2FA enough to prevent attacks? If not, what else should be done to bolster protection for your personal and at-home devices? […]

This Windows Threat is causing unnecessary anxieties Windows Defender caused a worldwide disturbance recently when it began warning users of a recurring virus threat. The threat that Windows Defender detected, ‘Behavior:Win32/Hive.ZY’, is a false-positive and is not a virus infection. Windows Defender Vulnerability Issues This issue arose due to a recent listing in Windows Defender’s […]

How an unsuspecting employee let hackers into their computer network Needing to use multi-factor authentication (MFA) every day, multiple times a day, can be seen as a real headache to deal with. Enough so that hackers are using human behavior regarding MFA against them in order to steal vital business information which is usually caused […]

Many businesses and business systems are becoming more susceptible to online cyberattacks. One of the industries that faces many risks for these attacks is the healthcare sector. The industry is viewed as a target-rich environment, because of the sensitive data that healthcare practices maintain for operations and patient care. Cyberattacks in the healthcare sector are […]

Multi-factor authentication is being attacked by hackers Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is one of the best things that can be done in order to help secure users’ accounts from hackers, and because of that, MFA is one of the standards that the security industry recommends first when consumers and businesses are looking to protect themselves. MFA […]

Urgent Patch for Zero-Day Exploit Released Though previously claiming that the DogWalk vulnerability did not constitute a security issue, Microsoft has done an about-face and is now urging users to run the Microsoft patch that will stop attackers from actively exploiting the vulnerability. Microsoft has confirmed that this vulnerability is a high-severity, zero-day security vulnerability […]

We’re all aware of the imminent dangers that can lurk on the internet. As time passes, hackers are becoming more crafty at infiltrating our systems and obtaining our personal information. Enhancing your privacy and security is a big deal from both a personal and business standpoint. We all have something of value that lays idle […]

As a small to large business owner, you will have valuable assets in your possession that are vital to the success of your company. When a cybercriminal comes along and disrupts the day to day of your organization, not only is this disheartening, it can also lead to severe ramifications which many businesses can struggle […]

Two factor authentication (2FA) is proving not to be enough to stop hackers Once upon a time, computer security required no more than a username and password. Then, as more and more systems were compromised, two-factor authentication was introduced. Two Factor Authentication for Security 2FA is meant to provide an extra layer of security as […]

vCenter is experiencing a VMWare vulnerability to the code execution flaw that leaves it open to cyber attack. If you’re an admin responsible for a vCenter machine, you need to apply the latest patch immediately! VMWare Vulnerability 9.8 Patch There is currently a code execution flaw in vCenter that is exploitable and allowing cyber criminals […]