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Apple Approves Malware by Mistake

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A widely used malware was mistakenly approved by Apple notarization

Even though Apple has some of the strictest rules for app developers that wish to have their apps appear on the Apple App Store, a bad apple successfully made its way past the ‘notarization’ scan in order to be downloaded and run on Macs.

Patrick Wardle and Peter Dantini found a malware campaign that was disguised as an Adobe Flash Installer that was notarized by Apple and could be installed and run on the latest version of macOS.

Apple inadvertently approved code used by the popular Shlayer malware, the same malware that security firm Kaspersky stated is the most common threat that Macs faced in 2019.

Shlayer is an adware that intercepts encrypted web traffic and replaces websites and search results with its own ads. It’s even able to do this from HTTPS-enabled sites.

Apple has since revoked the notarized approval of the malicious app due to Wardle’s reporting of the issue.

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