SSD health readings alarming for some M1 Mac users

M1 Mac users are finding that their devices are suddenly writing extraordinary amounts of data to their drives.

In some of the more severe cases, M1 Macs have been reported to have consumed as much as 10 to 14 percent of the maximum usable total bytes written (TBW) value of its SSD.

This is especially alarming as flash memory on solid-state drives can only be  written to a certain number of times before becoming unstable.

The software of the drives ensures that the data load is spread evenly across the drive’s memory cells.

SSD wear is normal, but with the way M1 Macs seem to be exhausting their SSDs, the ability of those SSDs to hold data may fail sooner than typical SSDs.

At current data usage speed, some M1 machines could reach their maximum TBW in just a couple of years.

There is no report as to how widespread the strange SSD behavior is.

Some users of Intel-based Macs are also reporting strange SSD storage behaviors, so the issue may not be limited to M1 Macs.

Hopefully, if this is caused by a bug, Apple can fix the issue in a quick update.

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