Apple update protects user IPs from Google

Apple has an upcoming iOS release currently in beta that is expected to be released in the coming months.

One of the features of the upcoming iOS 14.5 release is a workaround meant to preserve user privacy and to prevent Google from recording the IP addresses of iOS users.

This feature works by re-routing all of Safari’s Safe Browsing traffic through Apple-controlled proxy servers.

To activate this feature, users will need to activate the “Fraudulent Website Warning” option in the Safari app settings.

This then enables support for Google’s Safe Browsing technology within Safari.

Safe Browsing works by taking the URL that the user is trying to access and sending that URL in an anonymized state to Google’s Safe Browsing servers. Then, Google accesses the site and scans for threats.

The problem is that Google still sees the user IP address from where the Safe Browsing check has come from.

Apple’s new feature takes these Safe Browsing checks and passes them first through an Apple-owned proxy server. Therefore, all requests that Google sees appear to all be coming from the IP address of Apple’s proxy server, not the IP address of the user.

This move continues to enforce Apple’s continuing commitment to keeping the data of their users safe.

You can read our article on what Apple has done in regards to the privacy of its App Store users here:

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