A variety of large and smaller-scale businesses are diligently searching for cost-effective solutions, for their telecommunications efforts. VoIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol telephone systems is a popular choice in our internet-driven market. VoIP services are poised to address many of the communication lapses that a variety of businesses were plagued with from their conventional telephone systems. Here at RHYNO Networks, we are proud to offer the latest and greatest in VoIP technology, thanks to our comprehensive IT consulting services that aid businesses on a daily basis. The benefits are too good to overlook! Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of transitioning to a VoIP phone system and what this can look like.

Low Costs Per-Call

VoIP phone systems will use internet protocols to make phone calls. Instead of relying on telephone lines, all communication data is converted into packets and sent over an IP network. The IP network your business uses can function as your internet connection, or you can use a direct IP connection to a telephone service provider. The most important aspect of an IP connection is ensuring that you receive a guaranteed quality of service (QoS) from the telephone provider’s network to your office network. It should be noted that if you’re using the internet to sync up with your telephone service provider, QoS isn’t feasible.

When placing calls on a regular phone line, the line will be occupied by two people who are using the devices to communicate. Since you can only have so many lines up and running, calls placed on landlines can be rather expensive. Using the internet will mitigate this issue, as businesses who use VoIP will have the freedom to make domestic and domestic long-distance calls for free. 

Flexibility With Service

If your business needs to operate on the go at a moment’s notice, VoIP services are great because they can follow you wherever you need to be. This luxury isn’t accessible with traditional phone systems as the line will only run so far for your home or business. VoIP eliminates the physical limitations. You can move freely with your business proceeding without incurring additional stress. Coordinate with your team that offers IT consulting services, to learn more about flexibility and what’s possible.

Versatile Features

These phone systems will allow you to multi-task with many of the new tech-savvy devices, streamlining your efforts for being productive at work. When calls are in the queue on a VoIP system, you can strategize an approach for client calls that you’ve missed, as transcribed messages will be sent to your inbox. In other instances, you can also forward messages and voicemails. If an inbound call comes in and the person leaves a detailed message, the message can be forwarded to your colleagues with the click of a mouse. The innovative features can be condensed or augmented with ease, depending on the needs and preferences of your organization.

Easy Time With Conference Calls

Conference calls from time to time are a necessary task to undertake for communicating with your colleagues and with clients. It gives all of the decision-makers the power to speak with one another, and it eliminates the hassle of hashing out matters on separate calls. With the help of VoIP, conference calls have never been easier. These services are commonplace within the system and typically speaking, the ability to make conference calls is considered an added benefit to the services you’re already paying for! In addition to this, VoIP makes video conferencing much more simplified. Simply put, group interactions are more than feasible.

Effective Client Interaction

Due to the state of our global economy, businesses have the convenience of maintaining their operations from anywhere. Every now and then, meetings will require you to travel. Contrary to what many would assume, VoIP won’t allow its users to forsake their communication, as technical issues will be of little to no concern. You’ll still be able to conduct important phone calls and business can carry on as usual. If you’re expecting an important call, the system will allow you to choose where your calls ring and how. Maybe you want the first few rings to forward to your office, or they can be transferred to another line. The point is, a call will never go unanswered if it’s urgent.

IT Consulting Services With The Professionals

If you are interested in learning more about the VoIP phone system, contact our team at RHYNO Networks to better understand the impact of these innovative solutions.

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