We’re all aware of the imminent dangers that can lurk on the internet. As time passes, hackers are becoming more crafty at infiltrating our systems and obtaining our personal information. Enhancing your privacy and security is a big deal from both a personal and business standpoint. We all have something of value that lays idle on our phones and desktops. But what if you could do something to even the playing field? We are of course talking about using a VPN browser to safely and privately browse the internet. 

Whether it’s for work or personal use, VPNs are a valuable resource that add an extra layer of comfort for the browsing experience. As a provider of IT solutions, RHYNO Networks wants its consumers to have a secure infrastructure so that no harm will come to them and their valuable assets. Today, we will be addressing the question that many of you have pondered: Do I need to use a VPN browser?

What Is A VPN?

First things first. We can’t dive into the efficacy of VPNs without first discussing what they are! VPN’s or Virtual Private Network’s, will extend a private network across a public network and enable users to send and receive data through shared or public networks, if their devices are directly hooked up to that private network. VPNs work to safeguard your online activities. Typically speaking, this will be one of your best lines of defense against the threats imposed by hackers. These add-ons are also useful for hiding your IP address, browsing activity, and personal data on any Wi-Fi network, and yes, even when you’re at home.

Hiding Your Private Information

RHYNO Networks can certainly work alongside your team in providing comprehensive IT solutions, but implementing a VPN browser on your devices requires no prior expertise. They are fairly simple to install, and if you have this paired with any other solutions we provide you, you are winning on all fronts. One of the main reason’s to add a VPN to your personal bandwidth is due to its ability to effortlessly hide your private information. If you are using a conventional browser, websites and apps will continually track your online activity, analyzing the data they collect. VPN’s will eliminate this, which is one less thing that users will need to worry about. 

Helps You Avoid Data Throttling

For those who are unfamiliar, data throttling occurs when you have used a certain amount of data, and over time, it will slow down your service. When a VPN is enabled, your data will be freed from the eyes of ISPs(internet service providers), you also won’t be subjected to data caps. Internet service providers can place caps on data as a means of enhancing internet speed for select consumers. 

Will Provide Network Scalability

Organizations will continue to grow. With this, comes the responsibility to build out a dedicated private network. Internet-based VPNs allow enterprises to tap into network lines, which lends itself to giving remote and international locations better reach and enhanced quality of service.

Mitigate Censorship When Travelling Abroad

Did you know that some VPN’s can help you bypass geographic restrictions? Some countries will restrict or terminate access to certain sites like social media platforms. In other words, pure censorship. However, a VPN can help grant access by making your traffic look like it’s coming from a different location. Sounds nice, right? Avoiding censorship is great, but as the user, you still need to proceed with caution. It’s your responsibility to identify if the use of the VPN is legal or not (since some countries forbid its usage altogether). Be sure to check the country’s laws before using a VPN.

Moving Ahead With A VPN

While we can’t force you to use a VPN for your business or personal use, it would be ill-advised to overlook it completely. The pro’s certainly outweigh the con’s and if you are already prone to having hackers access your information, this is surely worth the investment. 

IT Solutions With The Professionals

There is always room to get creative when implementing specialized IT solutions for your business. A VPN is a good way to start, but our team at RHYNO Networks can continue to educate you on the range of possibilities that can be added to your security arsenal. To get started with service, contact us today!