As a small to large business owner, you will have valuable assets in your possession that are vital to the success of your company. When a cybercriminal comes along and disrupts the day to day of your organization, not only is this disheartening, it can also lead to severe ramifications which many businesses can struggle to bounce back from. Business Ransomware attacks are no exception. A vast majority of businesses are becoming popular targets to this form of malware attacks. But fear not! Where there’s a will, there’s a way. The team of IT consultants at RHYNO Networks is a huge advocate for educating our clientele on warding off these threats. Today, we will be providing insight on how to protect your business from ransomware attacks.

What is Ransomware?

Allow us to refresh your memory. Ransomware is a form of malware that is used by cybercriminals to freeze your computer or mobile phone. In doing so, these attackers are able to steal your data and demand a ransom payment (which can range from a couple of hundred to thousands of dollars). The malware attacks can invade enterprises’ networks, servers, and especially individual laptops or computers, which contributes to the loss of pertinent information and data.

Providing Education For Your Employees

You can never put a cap on the amount of knowledge you acquire. In this particular case, having prior knowledge will almost guarantee that the likelihood of these attacks occurring is slim to none. Apart from the oversight that a team of IT consultants will enact, your employees are also your first line of defense for combatting online threats. When properly trained, they can stop malware dead in its tracks, leaving your organization’s system perfectly intact. The only way this can come into fruition is if your organization creates a strong security program along with an employee education course, in making them wary of the imminent danger that’s out there.

Oversee The Use Of Privileged Accounts

When leading the helm of the ship, you will need to make some important decisions for protecting the structural integrity of your business. Another way to reduce the onslaught of ransomware is by limiting the users’ ability to install and run software applications on network devices.

Enforce A Data Backup And Recovery Plan

We cannot stress this enough. If you haven’t already created one, now is the time to start creating a data backup and recovery plan. Should an attack occur, a backup will lessen the impact of potential malware threats. We recommend storing the data in a separate device or offline. Whatever you need to do to have easy access to your info in the event of an attack, just get it done. 

Update All Business Devices

Another way to ready your line of defense is by enabling anti-virus and anti-malware solutions. When enabled, these solutions will automatically update and coordinate regular scans, ensuring that your operating system functions the way it’s supposed to.

Watch Out For Email Links

Emails are some of the most common methods for tricking individuals into relinquishing their information, unknowingly. Many of us are keen in spotting emails that look suspicious, but every now and again, someone will fall prey to catastrophe when clicking a suspicious email or pop-up link. Never click on these messages until you’ve verified that they are legitimate. The email links have the potential to weaken your computer’s overall security. If you suspect that a link is legitimate, try hovering your mouse over the link (don’t click it). A small window will pop up with the true URL. If the URL doesn’t match up with the one shown in the link text, it could lead you down a dangerous path.

Protecting Your Business With Our Team Of IT Consultants

It’s never too late to start planting the seeds within your organization. Our IT consultants will work with you to bridge the gaps. To learn more about which products and services will fit your business’ needs, contact us today!

Business Ransomware Attacks