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Facebook Created a Chatbot by Using Reddit

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Facebook’s chatbot utilized 1.5 billion Reddit posts in its creation

Facebook has launched a new chatbot that used 1.5 billion Reddit exchanges in order to successfully create its intelligence.

The chatbot is lauded as being able to demonstrate empathy, knowledge, and personality.

From a survey of users, Facebook has reported that 49% of people surveyed preferred interactions with the chatbot compared with another human.

The chatbot, named Blender, has had some unusual side effects from its Reddit programming, though, and sometimes responds with offensive language or made up facts.

Researchers hope that further models will address some of these issues.

Google has its own chatbot, Meena, that Facebook also compared Blender’s performance to in a survey.

That survey showed participants two sets of conversations, one made with Blender and the other with Meena. The topics of the conversation were varied and included such topics as movies, music, and lifestyle.

The results of the survey show that 67% of respondents felt that Blender sounded more human than Meena.

While utilizing Reddit may have been an unusual decision in programming a chatbot, Facebook seems to be on the right path toward a chatbot that’s able to interact with users by deploying recognizable human characteristics.

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