Data security is a hot topic and one that has sparked much debate. Naturally, people want to keep their private information secure but those rights get wishy washy when it comes to cyber crime. Should the government be able to access private information if it would help them solve a national security threat? If it would help police solve a crime?

Websites are constantly updating their security measures to ensure that private information like contact details and credit card information remain safe from criminals. Facebook is one of the latest to attempt to improve their cyber security measures.

Facebook Adds Encryption to Messenger App

Facebook Messenger, a popular messaging feature of the social media giant now has a new encryption. It’s called “Secret Conversations”, and users must first opt in to use it. It serves to make conversations unavailable to government agencies, third parties, and even Facebook themselves.

How it Works

Once Facebook users opt into the encryption option, users will have the option to mark individual conversations as private. Each conversation must be manually labeled “secret” in order for it to work. Conversations with the “secret” setting will disappear after a certain amount of time. While Facebook has stated that its messaging app has always been secure, this new encryption setting secures conversations from one device to the other.

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